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On this page we will be featuring short video clips of some of

Graham's favourite tracks from some of his 18 CDs.


Click on the title or cover to view the video promo.



A Gypsyís Life


Featured Tracks

The Matilda Highway

The Night I Saved John Wayne

Itís All In The Game



They Answered the Call

This clip was prepared to commemorate Anzac Day 2020


Featured Tracks

Australia's Colonial Sons

Angels Without Halos

Battle of Long Tan

Give This Hug To Daddy I Am







This Old Guitar of Mine


Featured Tracks

This Old Guitar of Mine

The Wheels of Cobb and Co

Where the Cooper Flows



Featuring one track from each album:-

The Fire Within Me

(Water From the Devil)


(Woman on the Land)

Dust & Leather

(Scrub Bull Hunters)




The Fire Within Me


Featured Tracks

A Saddle For a Throne


You Canít Take Australia From Me



Comedy Selection


Featured Tracks

Take Your Bank and Shove It

(from the album - Shadows Across the Moon)

The Night I Saved John Wayne

(from the album - A Gypsyís Life)

The Shape Iím In

(from the album - This Land)



A Slim Dusty Tribute




They Answered the Call

A supplement to the Anzac

Day Special Tribute

Featured Tracks

Fifty Thousand Australian Sons

Whoever Gets My Dog

Anzac On The Wall

The Three Letters



Changing Years


Featured Tracks

Empty Plate

The Colours of Australia

The Kimberleys

The Chimney and The Rose



Dust and Leather


Graham singing the title track of the album.

More video clips from this CD to follow as time permits.



The Plains of Nappa Merrie