Tag-along #10 summary

by Graham Rodger.


Well, after weeks and weeks of will we or won’t we be able to have our 10th tag, will borders be open, or will Covid be basically under control, finally our October Mini-Tag Along got the green light.  Unfortunately, due to the NSW-Qld border remaining closed, approximately half the people who had booked on the tour were unable to join us.  It was such a pity and we certainly missed our mates from south of the border.  Many of these people have done six or more tags with us in the past and over the years have very much become part of our tag-along family.  We look forward to the probability that come our next tag, which is in May 2022, all borders will be open, once again we will become one beautiful country and separation due to border closures and Covid will become part of our history.

The idea of a mini-tour is that it is shorter in the number of days involved and much shorter in the number of kilometres travelled.  For this tag-along we remained just a few hundred kms from the coast.  It was very different to previous experiences where we have travelled to Birdsville, Innamincka, The Gulf, Alice Springs and even Cooktown.  Australia is such a magnificent country, it does not matter where you travel, nature turns on an incredible display.  We were definitely not left disappointed with what we experienced.


The Tour


Our tour began at Queen Mary Falls Caravan Park in Killarney Qld. on the 6th May 2021.  Due to Covid it was a very downsized group of caravans that joined us for the trip, which would take us through the Darling Downs, up through the Carnarvon Ranges, across to Mt Morgan and down the coast to a finale at Burrum Heads.

Wednesday 6th We came together for our meet-and-greet.  Deirdre, along with a group of invaluable helpers turned on a wonderful spread of finger food.  Our Taggers and I did our best to turn out some enjoyable music despite the rain.  Being mere mortals however, we found it very difficult to compete with the superb show of excellence that nature turned on.  Waterfalls, peaceful streams, incredible vegetation, majestic and very friendly wildlife, particularly the native birds that would come to visit if you sat still enough.



Thursday 7th saw us all head off for barefoot bowls at the Killarney Bowls Club.  We had enjoyed a similar experience on a tag-along three or four years ago in Charleville, so we were not all complete novices, but watching us trying to bowl you could be forgiven for thinking we were all raw amateurs.