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Tag-Along Concert Tour 2014



The inaugural “Outback Country Music Tour” has concluded with great fanfare.  For those of you who may not be aware of what we did, we organised a fifteen concert tour, starting at Miles and zig-zagging our way through the Queensland outback until we eventually reached Birdsville twenty-three days later.  The original concept of the tour widened considerably as we extended an invitation to any of my supporters to hook up their vans and come with us.  The trip became quite an education for some members of the tag-along as they glimpsed an accurate vision of what it can be like to live in the outback.


The tour was so successful, by half way through many of the tourists were asking me: Where will the net tag-along trip be to and when will it be?  More about that shortly.


Most people did the full tour but the opportunity was there for those who for whatever reason wanted to do just half a tour.  All up one hundred and four people tagged along behind in fifty-six vans.  It is interesting to see the effect that a convoy of approximately one-hundred people has on a town whose regular population is approximately fifty.  We visited a couple of towns of this nature and these left very pleasant impressions on our memories that will stay with us all for some time.


Graham was accompanied on stage throughout the tour by Laurel Calvert, Trevor Tolton and Pat Brown Jr. and of course Deirdre.  Tourists and locals alike thoroughly enjoyed the considerable talents and shenanigans of our cast.



A photo of the majority of the tag-along people taken after the concert at Winton which was held in the old time open air theatre.



Graham with the “two short sheilas” Mel and Sue, who are two of the best and funniest bush poets anywhere in Australia.  The girls were the guest artists at our Winton concert




The artist who entertained us alongside Graham  -  Laurel Calvert  -  Pat Brown Jr.  -  Trevor Tolton







The famous sand hill “Big Red” just out of Birdsville.







Cooling down the bore water for town use at Birdsville




The Midleton Hilton Hotel – Fully airconditioned




Time for a short break on the long drive through the outback




56 caravans and one-hundred and four people tavelling the Queensland outback




Single lane bitumen road from Winton, through Middleton and on to Boulia




One of the few outback rivers with water




Flat and dry for miles in all directions




One of the “Jump Ups” on the road from The Middleton Hotel to Boulia





Wild camels near Bedourie




The Gibber Desert at Birdsville




 “Big Red” at Birdsville



Some of the locals watch us as we drove by with our convoy


We fished many a waterhole

Seeking a feed of Yellowbelly




One of the waterholes where the Yellowbelly hide from the anglers



Not one Yellowbelly but we did catch one catfish between the dozen fishermen




Looking through the window at the shearing shed at Bladensburg Station National Park just  out of Winton





Remembering the good old days at The Middleton Hotel





The beautiful countryside as seen from  the Cornpore Lookout on the Kennedy Developmental Road.


This is one of the most picturesque drives in outback Queensland



Graham Rodger’s Outback Queensland Tag-Along Tour 2014
Souvenir Book is now available


This 84 page 33 X 28cm (13 X 11 inches) book can be purchased directly online.

From personal experience we would recommend the ‘image wrap’ cover over the ‘dust jacket’ cover.


For pricing refer to the publisher’s website.  Note that the publisher (BLURB Books) sets the price and neither Austrak Music Tours nor Graham Rodger receive a commission.




Whether you purchase a copy or just peruse the book online, we hope it meets your approval and it brings back pleasant memories.  Again thank you to those who helped out with providing photos of the tour.


To view or purchase a copy of the tour book please click on this link


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