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Newsletter - September 2020


It has been quite a while since I’ve put a newsletter up on my website.  When I read my last newsletter, it was quite a shock at what has happened to all of us since then.  We are going OK with the Covid 19 living in a beautiful, quiet place in Queensland.  Of course, it was a great disappointment to myself and all the booked taggers and artists when we had to postpone the Broken Hill to Alice tag-along .


We are keeping a close eye on the Covid restrictions, hoping that by January we can confirm whether the tag-along will go ahead April 2021.  If in the event that restrictions are still in place we are planning to have as an alternate, an outback Tag through Queensland (and New South Wales if possible). New places and some of the most popular camps we will include but also incorporate some new destinations.  Hopefully our previously booked artists will be free to join us.


When Queensland opened up for travel, Deirdre and I decided to hit the tar and dirt in case things turned upside down once again.  We headed out to Longreach to do some Yellowbelly fishing.  I must admit that we were quite successful. 


We had some previous taggers, the Swains and the Pipers join us around our campfire on the Thomson River for a couple of days, and together we all enjoyed some great camp oven dinners and shared a few drinks and yarns. On the return journey home, we called into Rockhampton to record some songs for Pat and Alan Thompson, and had some great nights with Alan and I singing some old songs together.  It was a great surprise when he brought out his harmonica, and I was drawn to tears as he played it, as I could not help thinking of the days when my Dad joined me on stage.


Of course, like a lot of others in the same situation, we have done some jobs around the house that probably would never had been done if we were not ‘locked down’.


I took a break from songwriting but am now back into recording some ballads and enjoying it.  I have been trying, and I mean trying, to broadcast live on Facebook and think that I need more practice but expect what I have done would have given some viewers a laugh anyway.


Tamworth will be a remote affair this year, not unexpected of course, as venues have been restricted in their audience capacity and the council have suspended the live festival for 2021.


I don’t expect that I will be able to hold any live concerts before next year, which is a great disappointment to both Deirdre an myself. 


Thanks to all my supporters for keeping in touch, I really enjoy all the stories, jokes and Facebook connections.  


Stay safe Friends.






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