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News and Information


Tag Along 2019



In no time at all, both Christmas and Tamworth will have been and gone, and our next major adventure will be tag-along number 6.


This tag we are travelling through some areas, which are very familiar to our first tag-along.  We will be ending up at what is probably Queensland’s major natural icon, in Big Red at Birdsville.


On Monday 20th May our group will arrive at Middleton for the night.  Dinner will be put on by the pub.  Sitting at tables under the stars, enjoying a first rate home cooked meal.  On the morning of the 21st we leave Middleton to travel to Boulia.  During that 200 kms you will travel through some of the most incredible outback country to be found anywhere in Australia.  Some of the accompanying pictures will demonstrate exactly what I mean.


We will have a concert at Boulia, then onto Bedourie, then we arrive at Birdsville for the last of our country outback towns.  If you are reasonably familiar with my songs, throughout the tour you will regularly come across scenes that inspired me during the writing of many of my ballads.  For example, The Middleton Hotel. The Cobb & Co Coach, The Diamantina River, Bladensburg National Park, the home of The Tiny Bush Grave, The Wellshot Hotel, Cooper Creek, etc.


As some of the pictures will demonstrate to you, form ‘go to whoa’ (i.e. Lightning Ridge to Birdsville) with 12 towns all up you won’t help but be anything but inspired by the beauty this country has to offer.


For the benefit of those “umming and ahhing”, or for the stimulation for those already booked, we have provided just a few of the photos taken as we travelled through the area on our first tag-along.








A week or so before Christmas, our maximum number of tag-along positions had been filled.  We therefore found it necessary to close applications.  However, due mainly to ill health some people have had to cancel their registration.


If you are interested in filling one or two of those vacancies, go to the Tag Along Page and follow the directions to register.


If you require further information, please ring Graham on 0427 130 853, Deirdre on 0407 150 467
or Ken on 0411 544 521.

If you would like to see more photos of previous tag-alongs, simply go to the Archives Page.



News from the Rodger Family  (December Newsletter)


Firstly, Deirdre and I would like to wish you all a Very Peaceful Christmas and that the New Year brings Good Health and Happiness.


My most important thing I have to do is thank each and every one of you for voting in the People's Choice awards in Tamworth.  I am overwhelmed by your loyal support and with the results that your voting has placed me into the finals of five categories. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

On the home front, we have settled into Burrum Heads and so far, apart from the personal accidents of a broken arm and a fall down the stair case things are working out to be very enjoyable.  I have to get my license for our little tinny now so back to school learning about port side and starboard side.  Deirdre says she doesn't trust me in my skills in the boat to go any further than up the river but that will certainly be where I want to head as we have heard tell the fishing and crabbing is pretty good here.  Time will tell, when it comes to yourself catching something everyone then tells you the fish or crabs have been "off the bite" for some time.

Living in a suburban block has taken some getting used to as the country has been our home now for over sixteen years.  We were lucky enough to obtain a house across from a park so that gives us some feeling of freedom and at the back we have a beautiful gum tree and spare land undeveloped.

2019 has crept up quickly and we have our four shows at Tamworth in the Community Centre in January on the Monday and Tuesday, a concert at the Balladeers Homestead and one out at the Dag Sheep Station to open up the year.  John Barwick has supplied me with his truck once again for the street parade, which is something I enjoy immensely even though I have been soaked through with sweat or rain on several occasions.

The Musical Tag-Along from Lightning Ridge to Birdsville has been all organised and it promises to be a lot of fun.  In planning a destination for our 2020 tag along, Cooktown has come up for consideration.  It is really a matter of deciding if the pleasure of being involved in the 250-year celebration of Cooktown outweighs the fact that we were there so recently.  It needs some serious thought.  If you are interested in joining us in 2020, we would be pleased to hear your ideas as to which part of this great country you would like to visit.  To share your opinion please just drop us a line at austrakmusictour@gmail.com.  We will look carefully into all suggestions.

Over to Deirdre.


As you know I have lost my "girls" but two of them were saved from going to the sale yards as they both dropped calves just as they were being loaded onto the truck.  This of course made me doubly sad as I was sent a picture of the babies, two little white ones compliments of the young Charolais bull two doors down.  Still we all have to leave behind good memories and experiences but as in Graham's song The Chimney and the Rose, "we drew the gate, back to a close and two pairs of misty eyes turned away from the inquisitive eyes of seven cows".

For the first time in 40 years I have gone into the ocean for a swim.  I am scared of water having been dunked by some boys in my younger years but here in Burrum I can walk in with confidence as it only goes up to my waist and is warm and salty.  But don't get the idea I am a mermaid as I still hold my head up high and dry.

2018 saw us loose some wonderful people in our lives and our thoughts go out to their family and friends, particularly during this time of the year.  May the Christmas Season bring Peace to all of us and 2019 brings new experiences that will fill our hearts and lives with joy.


Merry Christmas.

Graham and Deirdre.




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