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Tamworth 2020

Graham hosted four concerts at the 2020 Tamworth Country Music Festival









This was the first of two fundraising concerts in support of the towns on the south coast of New South Wales affected by the horrendous bushfires.


All profits from these concerts was donated directly to the local RFS Brigade at Creewah (about 85 kms west of Merimbula).


Members of the local community and the Creewah RFS are working industriously to raise funds to make their working environment safer.  Unfortunately, their list is long and many of the items could prove literally to be life-saving additions.


I was delighted when we were able to add $1,600 to their kitty, knowing they will put it to good use.







Rick Ferret- multi instrumentalist









This was a fabulous concert from Col, Graham and our special guest artist – Roger Knox.






Roger Knox, Col Hardy and Graham Rodger






The sizeable donation we were able to make to the Creewah RFS came about purely because of the generosity of the artists performing in both shows.  All the artists donated their time and talents free of charge.


On behalf of the town of Creewah, I would like to offer a very sincere thank you to John O’Dea, Col Hardy, Roger Knox and Rick Ferret.


There are a lot of towns throughout Australia who will have a rough time ahead and we wish them the very best of luck in their endeavours.













The Brothers Three have appeared on stage at Graham’s concerts every year since 2011.


This year they once again performed several songs in tribute to the Bee Gees plus a selection of their own music.



















Another fabulous show with plenty of laughter coming from both the stage and the audience.


Individually, Laura and Graham are both extremely talented and entertaining performers, but together these two artists are absolutely brilliant.

Unfortunately, at this concert Laura announced that 2020 was to be her final year as a performer at Tamworth.  She did however point out that she was not going to stop performing all together, she will be at many other festivals in the future.


For many people the Graham Rodger and Laura Downing “Comedy and Song’” show is the highlight of their entire festival, so lets hope something happens during the next 12 months to make Laura change her mind.
















In 2014 Graham was inducted into the Hall of Fame in Tamworth and a selection of some of his personal items and old guitar are now on display.  The photo on the left shows some of his former life as an ambulance officer and other historical material.


The photo above was taken at the Hall of Fame.  It is a print of the painting of Graham leaning on a fencepost, painted by his brother – not a bad artist for a doctor!





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