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In October 2013 Graham Rodger became the Ambassador for the White Hills Truck Driver Memorial.  A special wall was constructed at Murray Bridge in South Australia to commemorate truck drivers who have lost their lives on our roads.  At the request of Di Carroll, the CEO of Trans-Help Foundation, Graham wrote a couple of songs especially for the foundation. “A Truckie’s Last Letter” and “Reach Out.”  Both these songs deliver a very strong message originally directed to truck drivers but in many ways applicable to the broader population as well. “A Truckie’s Last Letter” is a song about a truck driver having been in a serious accident, knows that he is dying and in the cab of his truck starts to write a letter to his wife saying things that he had left unsaid for far too long and was now afraid that he had left too late.  This is a message very relevant to every one of us. “Reach out” – a beautiful duet performed with Catherine Britt delivers a very important reminder to us all that a problem shared is a problem halved.  If for whatever reason you need help, the first step needs to be yours.  There are always loved ones or professionals out there who want to help, just so long as you allow them.  These are two beautiful songs with a very strong message and a relevance to so many of us.  If you are looking for a copy of these songs, they are on Graham’s CD “Dust and Leather”.


Graham performing at the opening of the Murray Bridge Truck Drivers Memorial.

It wasn’t long after the dedication of this Murray Bridge wall that Graham was asked to become the Ambassador of The Trans-Help Foundation itself, a wonderful organisation which offers help to both truckies and their families Australia wide.  When it comes to assistance Trans-Help is there whenever help is required.  For further information on Trans-Help click on this link to go to their website.  An excellent definition of the Trans-Help Foundation that it is the “transport industry’s own lifeline.”

 Graham is very aware of the important role that truckies play in the smooth running of our economy and society.  It is a difficult, stressful and demanding career which takes people away from their families, often for weeks on end.  He is delighted to assist Di Carroll and her brilliant team of volunteers in any way possible.  He strongly encourages any truckie or family member who feels that they may benefit from the assistance Trans-Help provides to contact them immediately. Be assured that you can rely on full confidentiality on any matters discussed.  If you need help just reach out and click on this website link or call Trans-Help on 1300 787 996.


One of several mobile health and support units manned by
qualified volunteers offering assistance to truckies Australia wide.



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